What does it mean to have a Greek mother or a Greek mother-in-law? In the video below you might get an idea 😊
Listen to which Greek expressions she uses, and learn the everyday Greek language!
(on the cup you see on the photo above, it writes:
When you say to your mother “I am going out”, she understands/hears:  “I am going to an orgy, with drinks, drugs and without a jacket!)

Of course, every mother is different, even in Greece, so we only write about the “stereotype Greek mom”! Stereotypes are often very wrong, but by looking around us here in Greece, the “traditional Greek mother” still exists today, even in a constantly changing Greek society or a cosmopolitan Athens.
Because of many cultural differences compared to other countries, it is still possible to characterize a “Greek mother” with some true facts and humor. Let’s try!
The traditional Greek mother we describe here is usually over 45 years of age.
She has certain distinctive features which make her unique. Here follow some of her characteristics:

1. She makes the best Greek homemade food you can imagine and loves to cook for her children every day, even when they are not living at home anymore.(In case you have a Greek mother-in-law, she will for sure hope you will cook those dishes as well for your husband and children )
2. She will make sure her children always wear a jacket, even if it is very warm outside.
3. She will never allow her child or teenager, to spend the night away from her home at a stranger’s house especially because she doesn’t know the parents and what kind of home they have.
4. She will very often lecture her children on how to be safe while traveling or getting home, asking them to call her multiple times during their journey.
5. She will expect that her children, even when they are adults, will join the family vacation in Greece, she plans every summer.
6. She will ask her children every week, (after they turn more or less 25-28 years old), if they found a partner, or when they will get married. After getting married, she will then remind them regularly that it’s time to start having a baby.

Below you can watch a funny video with some typical conversations of Greek mothers on the phone with their children. While watching the video,  you can also learn some daily Greek language.
Under the video we have written down the Greek text for you, as well as the English translation. The translation in English, is a “free translation”. Enjoy.

1. Έλα βρε αγόρι μου, πού είσαι; Στο δρόμο; Πάλι στο δρόμο; Αχ βρε, αχ βρε παιδί μου, γι’αυτό σε σπούδασα μωρέ, για να σε τρώνε οι δρόμοι;
2. Και δεν μου λες, το κινητό γιατί το είχες κλειστό, ε; Α, έτσι, βέβαια, το μίτικ (meeting), πώς; Το μίτικ είναι πιο σημαντικό απ’ την μανούλα. Εεε κάνε παιδιά να δεις καλό.
3. Καλά τώρα δυο βήματα είσαι από ‘δω, πέρνα να πάρεις μουσακά. Μπα, και τι θα φάτε; Σούσι, ε; Ε, βέβαια με αυτήν που παντρεύτηκες όλο ωμά θα σε ταΐζει.
4. Ωραία. Βρήκες δουλειά, άντρα να δούμε πότε θα βρεις. Γιατί, βρε κορίτσι μου, γιατί, γιατί; Αυτό το γιατί θα με φάει.
5. Άντρα θέλω, έναν άντρα θελω να φέρεις μέσα στο σπίτι. Να έχουμε κι εμείς, αντί να κάθομαι να χαϊδεύω το γάτο τώρα, κατάλαβες; ψψψψ…
6. Γιατί, βρε, γιατί; Καλύτερο είναι το Μαράκι από σένα που τον ετύλιξε τον γιατρό, ε; Εσύ μια κούκλα είσαι.
7. Αλλά εσύ με τα μυαλά μέσα στα βιβλία, άντρα δεν βρίσκεις, σελιδοδείκτη μόνο.


1. Come on, boy, where are you? On the road; Again on the road? Oh ah, ah my child, that’s why I paid so much money to let you study, so you could be on the street all the time?
2. And please tell me, why your mobile phone was closed again, eh? Oh, so, of course, the meeting? So what, the meeting is more important than your mother? And then people believe that having children will make them happy…
3. Well, now you are just two steps from here, so stop by to get moussaka. Oh, so what are you going to eat? Sushi, eh? Oh, of course, the one you got married to, will feed you all the raw foods.
4. Good. You found a job, so let’s see now when you will find a husband. Why, my girl, why, why? This “why” drives me crazy….
5. I want a man, I want you to bring a man to the house. So we will also have a man at our house, instead of sitting here and caressing the cat, you understand?
6. Why, tell me, why? So is Maria, who married a doctor, better than you? You are so pretty.
7. But you, doing nothing else than reading books, you could not find a husband, only a bookmark


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