January 2013 : A new ‘‘baby‘‘ was born within the Omilo team: ‘Φύγαμε για ελληνικά!’ Off we go to learn Greek, a Greek Language book for the intermediate level, + CD
April 2019 : The book was re-published, 2nd edition, + CD or MP3 Audio link

The proud parents are the Omilo teachers and authors Marina Braila, Konstantinos Oikonomou and Dora Stoimenidou (*).

How it all started? In 2006 a very devoted Omilo student suggested starting offering email-lessons to Omilo students. We were often asked by students how they could maintain the knowledge they had learned during an intensive course, so not to forget everything till they would come for another course! For many Omilo participants, it is not that obvious to find Greek lessons on their level in their home-towns. In 2008 Marina, Konstantinos and Dora (*), the three full-time Omilo teachers at that time, worked in a good spirit together and managed to create a lot of email lessons for four language levels.

Maya and Dimitris, the founders of the Omilo school, always try to look for the best teachers in Greece and were happy to see that those teachers, all of them with many years of experience teaching Omilo students, were now also ready to create their own materials. Finally, in 2010 the time came to open up new prospects and they decided to work together on a language book. Omilo guided and supported this project and after a lot of hard and systematic work, the book was published. Their book! It was baptized «Φύγαμε για ελληνικά»! We hope it will “travel” all over the world!

This Greek language book is for students who learn Modern Greek at an intermediate language level, in other words at a B1 level according to the Common European Reference Frame for languages. It does not include grammar but it consists of 12 Units with texts and dialogues of daily life. The exercises are mainly focused on vocabulary. The various texts also offer linguistic, cultural and entertaining information, so learning becomes pleasant and amusing. In each unit, topics are suggested to practice your writing skills. This Greek language book can be used with a teacher, but also for self-study. At the end of the book you can find the answers to the exercises, the transcripts of the listening texts as well as the selected vocabulary in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish). And last but not least, a CD or FREE MP3 download with all the texts and dialogues is included. The CD was recorded in a professional recording studio, while texts were read by the OMILO teachers (*) , staff and friends!

This was an exciting experience for all of us! We are happy that this project successfully ended and contributes to the learning and teaching of the beautiful Greek language! If you are interested in more information about the book, see a free sample unit or would like to order it, click here.

(*) Unfortunately one of the 3 authors, Dora Stoimenidou, passed away on 23/2/2014. The book and sales are now managed by Omilo. From May 15th 2019, it is also available online, and you can choose to buy the Hard Copy or eBook version.

Click on the links below to buy the book online  :

Printed version/ Hard Copy (35 euro + Shipping cost) :

 eBook version (25 euro ) :

(note: On the CD, you do not hear the voice of Dora. Dora was not present during the recordings in Athens. However, you hear the voice of Marina, Konstantinos, Dimitris and many other friends..)