Greek etymology, is something we often use in our Greek lessons.
But this time, we will use it to explain you a bit more about why we chose the name « omilo » or  » ομιλώ ».
« Omilo Greek Language and Culture » was founded in 1996, so we are around for many years 🙂 Even longer than « google » ! 🙂

And …in case you were wondering…

“Omilo” or « ομιλώ¨,  actually is a verb and means “I speak”!

Because at Omilo, we really try to focus on « speaking Greek »!

If you already know some Greek, then you now might wonder: Why “omilo » (ομιλώ) and not “milao” (μιλάω)?
Well, both verbs mean « I speak », but the latter is more used in the everyday Greek language, so you will hear it more.

Careful; when you pronounce « omilo », make sure you stress the LAST O, since also there is the stress in the verb; ομιλώ

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