Do you know how to make Greek frappe?
During warm and sunny days and especially in spring and summer, Greeks prefer to drink the cold coffee instead of the warm  coffee.
There are many versions, but the easiest to make yourself at home, is the « frappe »
Also Omilo students usually love to drink frappe, and learn to make it while in Greece

While teaching on the island of Syros, teacher Marina explains, in Greek, how to make a frappe.
It is simple, and at the same time, a good listening exercise to improve your Greek! Enjoy!

Click here or on the photo below and  watch the video 🙂


Greek Frappe


Ingredients you need to make Frappe

• 1-3 teaspoons instant coffee, preferably Nescafé, preferably the Greek version
• 1-3 teaspoons sugar
• (for the semi-sweet version (Φραππέ μέτριο), you take the same amount of sugar as coffee)
• Cold Water
• Icecubes
• Milk – (fresh milk or coffee milk )

To get the best result, you will need one of the small coffee-mixers (μιξεράκι), around 8-10 euro in Greece.
If you do not have this, you can use a shaker to make the foam, but you really have to shake very well for at least 30 sec.!
In order to drink your frappe, you also need a straw (καλαμάκι).


1. In a tall glass, you put one spoon of instant coffee (Nescafe), a spoon of sugar, and a tiny bit of water (not too much!!).
You mix it till you get firm coffee “foam”.

2. Now add ice-cubes,  cold water and as much milk as you like. Serve with a straw.


If you do not like instant coffee, and rather prefer to drink real coffee, then the « fredo cappuccino » and « fredo espresso » are very nice alternatives, but more difficult to make at home.


You are welcome to purchase the special coffee eBook and learn about the big variation of coffees in Greece,
warm and cold, as well as how to order them in Greek. (Audio included for the correct pronunciation)