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Greek 20th-century art : Yiannis Moralis

Do you like modern and contemporary art? Then Athens is the place to be. There are many options to see modern art in Athens and all over Greece. Here we write about the Greek artist Yiannis Moralis, and the RETROSPECTIVE at the Benaki Museum As we have mentioned in our monthly Newsletters, as well as […]

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The Onassis Cultural Center or “Stegi”

The name Onassis is a synonym of Croesus, of a very wealthy man. Aristotle Onassis, the so-called “Golden Greek”, became worldwide known for oil tankers and Olympic Airways. However, he did much more than that. Let’s get to know him and have a closer look at the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens as well as […]


11 Greek Proverbs in 1 Song

Proverbs help you understand how Greeks think. The song we present you today is called “Proverbs”. It was written in 1987 by Melina Tanagri. It contains 11 well-known Greek proverbs. By listening to Greek songs you not only enjoy the music but also learn a lot about the Greek language and culture. So with this […]