• Are you at an intermediate level and searching for fun materials to improve your Greek? This monthly podcast gives you the boost to improve your listening skills and build your vocabulary in Greek. Listen to easy Greek stories, taking place in Greece, so you can learn the language in a Greek context. The stories are written by Omilo and narrated by Omilo teachers.

  • You can listen to every story first at a slow reading pace, followed by the same story read at a normal Greek native speaking pace. At the end of the podcast, you can listen to how to pronounce some important vocabulary, which is included in the vocabulary list of the podcast notebook.

    Enjoy listening to Greek podcast episodes, at any time, from any place…

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EXTRA :  The Companion Podcast Notebooks

If you want to dive into Greek even more, then purchase and download the accompanying digital and printable notebooks (PDF file). They include:

  • Greek transcript
  • English translation
  • Video link (without advertisement + Greek subtitles)
  • MP3-audio file of the podcast, so you can download it to your own computer, and listen to it off-line
  • Vocabulary list + Exercise to practice grammar + answer key
  • Order your Composed Podcast notebooks, and save money (4 stories per Notebook)
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      Greek Podcast story greek podcast storiesGreek stories and audio

 author script, content & design; Maya Andreadi

montage, proofreading and grammar; Myrto Yfanti

narrators; Eva Christodoulou, Myrto Yfanti, Sophia Devetzi

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