Learn Greek with Greek Laika Songs

greek laika songs

Greece’s traditional Laika Songs are an offshoot of “rebetiko music” and was popular during the 1950s and 60s. But even nowadays, the laika songs continue with more modern versions.
With this eBook you will learn more about the Greek music category ” Laika Songs” or “Laika music”
Included are also nine “Greek Laiko Songs”, with corresponding English translations and YouTube links, as well as companion exercises to improve your Greek.

By listening to Greek music, you not only improve your Greek, but you also get more insight into the Greek culture, mentality, society and history. You will also learn extra Greek vocabulary while listening to the songs and the included exercises.Laiko (derived from the word ‘λαός’ = ‘people’) is a style of popular Greek music and predominated in the 50’s and 60’s. The main music instrument connected with Laiko is the bouzouki.

The eBook includes:

• a short overview of how Laiko music developed
• which instruments are used
• which composers and singers have had an important influence in the Laiko music
• short exercises to improve your Greek (including an answer key)
• links so that you can listen to the songs while reading the Greek lyrics (or English translations)

Enjoy this beautiful music, and sing along!

This eBook is a Printable eBook, PDF format, 29 pages (A4)

Ready to dive in the Laika songs, and learn Greek, while having fun? Then click below, and listen to the beautiful songs, while improving your Greek listening, vocabulary and grammar skills