Greek Entechna Songs, Part 1, Theodorakis and Hatzidakis

Greek Entechna Songs

Improve your Greek vocabulary with Greek songs, by famous composers Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hatzidakis.
The early 1960s is the official starting point of a new genre of music in Greece, which combines orchestral music with poetry for the first time and is called Entechno.
Entechno music combines elements of Greek Laika songs with poetry, making Greek poetry accessible to all social classes. Learn more with this eBook, the founders of this genre, while learning more  Greek with companion exercises (answer key included).
Included is a selection of 7 songs for each of the two composers, with corresponding English translations and YouTube links, as well as companion exercises to improve your Greek.
It is an impossible task to cover the entire work of Theodorakis and Hatzidakis, but we tried to give a small overview of important songs and stadia, for somebody that is now raised in Greece or did not grow up with this music.

By listening to Greek Entechna music, you not only improve your Greek, but you also get more insight into this musical genre, as well as Greek poetry. You will also learn extra Greek vocabulary while listening to the songs and the included exercises.

The eBook includes:

• a short overview of how Entecho music developed in the 60’ties.
• information about famous composers Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hatzidakis, the founders of this musical genre.
• short exercises to improve your Greek (including an answer key)
• links so that you can listen to the songs while reading the Greek lyrics (or English translations)

Enjoy this beautiful music, and sing along!

This eBook is an Omilo Greek Language and Culture Publication (
Printable eBook, PDF format, 29 pages (A4)