Free eBook + Audio “Everyday Greek Wishes”

Omilo is all about inspiring and motivating people to learn Greek.
We believe it is important not only to learn vocabulary and grammar, but to actually start putting the theory into practice from the very beginning.

Wishes in everyday life

By using everyday Greek wishes, you will get many opportunities to start communicating.
In Greece, people will express a particular “wish” to others on a great variety of occasions.

What will you learn?

When you learn Greek, it is useful to know exactly when and where it is appropriate to wish someone a “happy this” or a “happy that.” In doing so, you will not only get a better feeling for Greek culture, but you will also experience a more authentic way of communicating with Greeks. And this is exactly what you want, isn’t it?

In this eBook you will learn typical Greek wishes for a number of occasions, written in both Greek and in “Greeklish” (Greek written in the Latin alphabet).
We also give an English translation and an audio for the correct pronunciation.

For all language levels

This lesson might be difficult for beginners and easy for advanced learners, but we believe the vocabulary is useful for every language level.

Is this really free? Absolutely!

We would just like to share with you some knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful and that gives you the motivation to start speaking Greek.

Keep us in mind next time you need more Greek language learning support!