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Free Greek eBook ta leme

Omilo is all about inspiring and motivating people to learn Greek.
We believe it is important not only to learn vocabulary and grammar, but also learn the most popular expressions you hear on a daily basis in Greece

Using the right Greek verb/expression at the right time

Imagine you meet up with your Greek friend(s), you all have a great time, you kiss them goodbye and you are about to say ‘See you’ in Greek.

Maybe you have already learned the Greek verb “vlepo” – ‘βλέπω’ (= to see, to watch) and its future form “tha doume” – “θα δούμε” (we will see). So by trying to translate “See you,” you
confidently say “Θα δούμε!”…

And in that instant, you spoil the impression you want to make of yourself as an excellent Greek language learner!

With this eBook, we will make sure this does not happen to you…

What will you learn?

When you are holidaying or living in Greece, there are three expressions you hear several times a day:

1. Τα λέμε         [ta leme] See you/Talk to you
2. Θα τα πούμε  [tha ta poome] See you/Talk to you
3. Θα δούμε      [tha doome] We will see/We’ll think about it

For all language levels

Not only do you hear these verbs and expressions all the time in Greece, it is also nice and easy to use them yourself. However, since they sound a bit similar to each other, non-Greeks often get confused and end up saying them at the wrong time.

In this eBook, you will learn the correct expressions and their meaning. You will also learn more about the verbs ‘to talk’ and ‘to see’. In order to learn the correct pronunciation, we also included a link to the audio text.

This lesson might be difficult for beginners and easy for advanced learners, but we believe the vocabulary is useful for every language level.

Is this really free? Absolutely!

We would just like to share with you some knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful and that gives you the motivation to start speaking Greek.

Keep us in mind next time you need more Greek language learning support!

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