December is the most festive month of the year in Greece! Apart from Christmas we also have many other religious feasts and important Name days. In Greece, name days are more important than birthdays!

December is also the first month of winter. When we say the first month of winter, we mean it! The cold starts now in Greece, that’s why the month is also called “chionias”(chioni=snow).

So have a look if you have any Greek friend with the following name!

  1. The “nikolovarvara”: three days in a row when three saints are honored. According to the tradition, during these three days the weather is always bad. (for Greek standards! )
    December 4: Barbara ‘s name day (protector of the army)
    December 5: Savas’ name day (protector of the sick)
    December 6: Nick, Nikki, Nicoleta, Nicholas’ name day (this day is very important to the Greeks, as St. Nicholas is the protector of sailors. Attention! Saint Nicholas does not bring gifts; children in Greece will have to wait till New Year’s Eve. Santa Claus or “Agios Vassilis” is honored on the 1rst of January!).
  2. December 9: Anna’s nameday. This day is also supposed to be a cold day.
    Listen here to the Greek song: “ah annoula tou xionia”Αχ Αννούλα του χιονιά – Αντώνης Καλογιάννης
  3. December 12: Spyros and Spyridoula’s nameday
  4. December 15: Lefteris and Eleftheria’s name day.
  5. December 25: Christos, Christina, Chrysa, Chrysoyla’s name day.
  6. December 27: Stephanos, Stephania’s name day.

Do not forget to call your friends with those names and tell them “Chronia Polla”! Χρόνια Πολλά!
They will be honored with your call and will definitely treat you a sweet!